12 Healthy Low Carb Foods That Won’t Make You Fat!

Carbohydrates are the energy giving foods that are essential when a balanced diet is the subject of discussion.

More and more people are going the extra mile these days to watch their weight and each one of us is trying to get rid of the extra belly fat or much better, avoid it all together.

Carbohydrates have been said to be the masterminds behind all the obesity and overweight problems facing most of the teenagers and middles aged persons in the world.

It is important to explore all the options available before making the final verdict and jumping into conclusions about the risks associated with these well-meaning foods.

There are many tasty healthy and low carb foods available in the market today.

There are fruits, vegetables and meats that contain very low amounts of carbs and are healthy alternatives.

Here are 12 low carb foods that you might find irresistible and the same time have no fear of adding some extra pounds.

1. Oats

They have known to be the classic carbs that are perfect for breakfast.

Roasted oats that are natural and not refined are a good source of high fiber and they are also low in calories.

You can be sure that the filling effect of oats can go a long way in helping you stay slim or lose weight.

Oats are easy to get and they are also very tasty.

A good and healthy carbohydrate that you can add your daily diet.

2. Full fat Dairy

Dairy products have been branded among the biggest culprits when it comes to increasing body fat.

Take Cheese, for example, it is one of the few that fall into the category of fatty dairy products.

On the contrary, cheese is a good source of vitamins like calcium which is most lacking in an average American diet.

Unsweetened dairy products are really good sources of carbs that will not add an extra inch to your waistline.

3. Lentils

Similar to beans, lentils are full fiber proteins that contain some amounts of carbohydrates.

They are slowly digested and you can be sure that you will stay full for a bigger part of the day.

They are proteins with small amounts of carbohydrates and a good alternative for low carb diets.

4. Potatoes

It is surprisingly true that potatoes are one of the good carbohydrates.

They are undoubtedly tasty and a good source of iron and vitamins.

When taken in moderate amounts, potatoes are surely good in ensuring you stay in check and they are a great alternative to other carbohydrates.

5. Salmon

Many dieters are usually afraid of taking any amount of salmon.

It is true that it is a fatty fish, but it is important to note that it contains no carbohydrates at all.

On the other hand, it is a great source of omega 3, iodine, and some vitamins.

With this in mind, do not deny yourself the delight of indulging in some salmon with the apprehension of getting fat.

6. Dark chocolate

Some chocolate is good for those occasional cheat days.

Quality dark chocolate contains a significant percentage of carbohydrates and it has been shown to increase brain function and reduce blood pressure.

There is no harm in taking some chocolate. However, it is important to do it in moderation.

7. Almonds

These tasty and crunchy nuts are a good source of magnesium and iron.

Almonds are a great source of carbohydrate when you need to lose some extra pounds.

They give an effect of fullness and this can go a long way in helping you control what you eat.

It is a tasty nut and it won’t make you fat yet it still remains a carbohydrate.

8. Avocado

Avocados are some of the most special fruits known to man.

It is hard to ignore the very significant value of avocados as a source of healthy fat, potassium, and vitamins.

Compared to other fruits, avocados have a fairly high amount of carbs but are still amongst the healthiest fruits available in the markets.

Adding a little avocado to your fruit salad can be a good way to supplement your carbohydrate needs and at the same time, enjoy the great benefits of this fruit.

9. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are neither vegetables nor real carbs, they are something in between.

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However when it comes to tasty low-fat carbohydrates they cannot be struck off this list.

Their high vitamin B content makes them more attractive and this is only emphasized by the need to have mushrooms as your healthy carb foods.

Mushrooms contain very small amounts of carbohydrates and can be substituted in your meals to suit your dieting needs.

10. Olives

These high-fat fruits have gained popularity as a source of cholesterol-free oils.

This should prompt you to question the overall nutritional value of these wonderful fruits.

Olives are a great alternative to most of the carbs around.

They are a source of the good, HDL cholesterol and you can eat away without worrying about getting fat.

11. Peanuts

Nuts are another source of carbohydrates that are gaining popularity.

Many people are walking along the streets with a packet or two in their pockets to simply munch away on these healthy and safe sources of carbs.

Peanuts have just about 16% carbs but as an advantage they are also a good source of vitamins and minerals.

The high fiber content goes a long way in ensuring you are full most of the time, therefore, leaving you no more space to nibble on other unhealthy fattening snacks.

12. Shellfish

Just like salmon, there are certain perceptions about shellfish that is common among dieters.

Many associate them with high-fat content.

With just about 5% carbs, you can be sure that there is very little damage, if any, that taking shellfish can do.

They have amazing nutritional value and it is only fair to give credit where it is due.

Even if you are on a diet, little moderate amounts of shellfish can do you good and at the same time still ensure you are in shape.

We must all appreciate the importance of carbohydrates in our diet, you cannot do without carbs.

It only takes a little effort to get the right knowledge in order to appreciate the fact that there are available carbs that are palatable and at the same time supportive of your need to stay in shape.


Effective cellulite reduction exercise

Millions of women suffer from unsightly cellulite in their bodies. For those who do not know exactly what they are, cellulites are fatty deposits underneath the skin. Typically found in buttocks, thighs, abdomen and arms, these cellulites haunt women, and sometimes even men, around the world. Truly, having cellulite can be very frustrating because they are unsightly. Anyone who has it will surely want to get rid of it. Unfortunately, it is a bit difficult to dispose of. This article will try to give you suggestions on how to get rid of unwanted cellulite in your body.

A lot of people have the misconception that the cellulite problem plagues only those who are obese but, unfortunately, this affects even those who are skinny. The determining factors are the person’s fat metabolic rate, blood circulation and how healthy you are in general. Doing nothing will definitely give you nothing, while taking the easy route will only be able to help you partially. To get rid of your cellulite, you have to sweat it out. So the more you exercise, the more fat you will burn; the more fat you burn, the less cellulite you will have.

For those who want to get rid of cellulite, the recommended regime is to exercise using light to moderate weights at least three times a week. Best for cellulite loss are lunges, squats and leg curls. Lunges and squats work to eliminate cellulite on your thighs, while the leg curls work the back of your legs. If you go to the gym, you will find various equipment you can use for these exercises. A gym instructor will be able to show you the ropes and the different ways you can exercise each target area to solve your problem.

Aside from lifting weights, you need to have aerobic or cardiovascular exercise. These exercises are known to speed up fat loss in the body. If you want to use machines for this, you can use a treadmill or an elliptical trainer. However, you can also do cardiovascular exercise without the use of machines. You can join aerobic or dance classes, jog around the block, swim at a nearby pool, or simply walk around your neighborhood. It does not matter what method you choose as long as your exercise is able to get your heart rate up to about a hundred fifty beats per minute for at least a third of an hour. You also have to remember that proper warm-up and stretching must be done to prevent injuries.

Below are some exercise routines that target cellulite problem areas. If done properly and regularly, cellulite will be lessened and even completely eradicated.1. Sit up straight on a chair, bringing your knees forward. Your back should be straight and your hips and knees should be in a ninety-degree angle. Slowly straighten your leg, creating a straight line in front of you. Lift your leg slowly up to about three feet above the ground and then lower it back again.2. Lie on your back and straighten your whole body. Move your hips slightly forward and then lift your right leg up, bringing it three feet above the floor and then lower it back again. Do the same thing, with your left leg this time. You can do about 10 repetitions of this exercise, more if you can still handle it.3. Still lying on the floor, bring one of your legs forward, and then alternately bring them down and then back up again in bicycle motion. You can do the cycle for as long as you can handle it.

Aside from the exercises mentioned above, try to improve your diet as well. A good and healthy diet will help you lessen the appearance of unsightly cellulite and other bulges in your body.

Although cellulite is difficult to get rid of, you can still slowly inch your way to a clear and beautiful skin if you work hard enough for it.


How to Lose Weight Naturally Exercising

If you have had weight loss problems for sometime then you may be glad to know that exercising works best when combined with weight loss solutions such as dieting. Ideally, you should set time for exercise at least 3 times a week and do exercise for 30 minutes to at least an hour.

This is an incontrovertible truth, so you must quickly accept it and get down to embracing it as the antidote to your constant weight problems. If you have only adopted a diet solution that has not effected any weight loss after using it for a considerable period of time, then the you should start thinking of how to lose weight naturally using more viable solutions like weight loss exercises.

It seems more people are abhor exercise especially those with abnormal weight. Well, it may be quite exhausting at the start but once your body warms up to it you won’t actually feel drained. You also need to adopt exercises that won’t drain and leave you feeling exhausted and lethargic. At the start of the exercise, light exercises and aerobics can help you get your body accustomed for real work outs.

Because the work out techniques are an integral part of an effective weight loss program, you need to identify effective exercises building on your knowledge of how to lose weight naturally. Essentially, this could help you burn fats and shed a few pounds in the process. For instance you can start with light jogging and aerobics. You can do sit ups and stretch ups at the formative stage of the exercise. As you progress, you can adopt more intensive exercises once your body has gotten used to routine work outs.

You can change the exercises depending with your body’s ability to endure more grueling work outs. Some of the exercises that can enhance the body’s ability to burn fat at this stage include push ups and roll overs,

The advantage of exercising your body is that you get the benefits of burning fat and also enhancing you endurance capabilities. Work outs help to burn out more fats quicker and this enhances the functioning of the weight solutions supplements that you take. In fact most of the supplements become more effective when the body’s temperature is raised through exercises. So you can expect quicker and better results.

You may start posting positive results after some time, but because you are only focused on how to lose weight naturally, you may not have planned how to maintain your weight in the desired weight. At this juncture, you may need to adopt a different diet and change your lifestyle. This is something that you can discuss with your fitness instructor or nutritionist.

Your nutritionist may suggest a combination of foods that will keep the body’s weight within a given range. On the other hand, the fitness instructor may also suggest exercises that will boost the body’s health and maintain the body’s weight at the normal range. Now that your body weight has normalized, you may also focus more on endurance and strength training if you feel you want to get more out of exercises.


Getting To Know HCG Diet Plan

A lot of women have been desperately looking for ways to trim their excess body fats. In worst cases, these women would try diets that could only make them feel weak and sickly. Finding the right formula can be very taxing at times. If you are among those who have given up the idea of having a lean body, you might want to consider Human Chorionic Gonadotropin or HCG diet plan.

If you are wondering what’s involved in this diet system, you will be surprised to know that this weight loss method is a combination of HCG and an extremely die of low calorine, which is around 500 calories. What’s more interesting about this diet is that it is safe and effective. It allows a person to be satisfied with only 500 calories every day and this will not result in hunger at all.

The HCG diet was discovered and invented in 1969 by a British endocrinologist named Albert T.W. Simeons. Such diet plan scientifically designed to remove the unwanted and excess fats in the body without administering any hazards and dangerous to the overall wellness of the product user. The hormone named HCG portrays a substantial component in creating efficiency in such diet. These hormones are usually present in the course of the earlier periods of woman’s pregnancy. Such hormone will trigger a part of your brain that would enable the proceedings of the fat removals.

The HCG diet can remove the unnecessary fats in your body such as the fats in your chin and the love handles in oblique regions of the torso. Such diet can make you look younger and fresher at the same time. You will obtain the desired body figure that you have been longing for a very long time.

This diet plan should include the full cooperation of the user. The users must be disciplined, determined and motivated to be successful in diet plan. Foods that are high in calories specifically with fat contents and sugar must be eluded. The HCG diet is persuasive and compelling if the user would indulge to foods that are required by such program.

More and more individuals have tested and tried the HCG diet. They have recently discovered that such diet plan provides magnificent results to their bodies. They are now more confident of their body structures and figures. Their bodies have transformed and reshaped into better figures. They look better and they are very alluring due to the efficiency of such diet plan.

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The HCG diet plan will become more compelling and dynamic if it is accompanied with the natural proceedings of losing weight such as eating a healthy diet and constant exercises. This HCG hormone can act as a supplementary method to compensate your workouts and diet programs.

Individuals that are interested in the HCG diet should keep in mind that there are no shortcuts in losing weight. Rome was not built in single day and your desired figured could be achieved if you are patient with the entire weight loss program.


Do Diet Pills Affect Pregnancy?

If you are taking diet pills and planning to become pregnant soon or if you are rapidly gaining weight during the pregnancy, as a caring woman you may start to wonder whether its safe to take the pills prior to or during pregnancy. While some of them are approved by the Food and Drug Association (FDA) for use during the pregnancy, it is not likely that your doctor will advise you to use them.

Two main types of dietary pills/supplements

There are two main categories of supplements: the supplements that are not approved by FDA and the ones that are. Its advisable not to consider taking the supplements during pregnancy that havent been approved, they might be ineffective, unsafe, or even both.

FDA Approved Pills

Some of the pills, whether prescription or over-the-counter, have been approved by FDA. However, the FDA cannot guarantee the safety of the pharmaceutical for use during pregnancy; FDA usually rates the diet pills on an alphabetical order. Some have the FDA rating of B, this means that there is no evidence that the pills can harm the developing baby. While others have the pregnancy ratings of letter C, signifying that there is evidence of harm to the babies in the animal studies, however there havent been any human studies.

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The diet pills are usually manufactured from a wide variety of substances, which could also affect your fertility. The most common of the ingredients is caffeine; caffeine is normally associated with miscarriage. The obstetricians usually recommend that the women who are planning to get pregnant to reduce their consumption of caffeine to an average of 100 to 200 milligrams daily. Many of the supplements actually far exceed this prescribed amount.

In general, whether the supplement causes any harm or benefit to getting pregnant, or are safe while being pregnant depends squarely on the pills that you are taking. However, even if the diet pill has the FDA rating of letter B, its essential to avoid using it during the pregnancy without first consulting your obstetrician; since the risk of harming the unborn baby is not the only concern, there is also the risk of not providing the baby with the sufficient nutrients.


Rapid Loss Of Weight through Body Cleansing Diet

In this time and age, lots of people are very much accustomed to immediate effects, where you will almost always achieve something at the click of a button. And for the sake of business, there are many  of quick weight loss goods that can provide fast results, but may harm your body in the long run . Regrettably a lot of people  take probabilities using these products.

This post will ensure that you get options on receiving the result you want – fast and in a proper way. Balanced in a sense that it’s not made up of unsafe ingredients. And also this eliminates severe diets and practices from your list of options. There won’t be crash diets, protein-only diets, all liquid diets, after 6 rule, all protein diets and such. These kinds of diets are doing a specific thing to you mentally and psychologically. It forces you to need a lot of items that are forbidden to you. What you ought to  give attention to will be the things that will help you lose your body fat and improve your metabolic rate.  When you reduce your calorie intake, there is also a  greater possibility that your metabolic rate drops too. Hence, this becomes a long-term weight reduction practice.

It is always best to seek advice from a nutritionist before you start any kind of diet. Most diet plans differs because not all individuals have exactly the same body type. However, they will most likely advise you to reduce (notice the word – ‘lessen’ instead of ‘restrict’) consumption of the following food types:bread,pasta,sugar,pasteurized dairy products,processed foods, andgrains.

And increase the servings of veggies, and proteins in your meals instead.

Let me just renew your knowledge about the reason why nutritionists, health experts and physicians demands that you eat a lot more vegetables. Vegetables support the digestive system work effectively. It also offers you the antioxidants that the body requires, whilst protein will provide you with the fundamental energy to build the muscles and helps your body to function well.


Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss : Weight Loss Meal Plans

The Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss Diet is one of the numerous suggestions that has probably been thrown your way if you are planning on shedding a little weight and you will no doubt be thinking if this one could be the one for you.

Firstly, lets get an idea of what exactly Apple cider Vinegar Weight Loss is.

It is said to be an age old medical  remedy of sorts that dates back to the days of Hypocrates, The Babylonians, The Egyptians and probably any other period deeply mysterious enough to give it good sales pitch. I’m sorry that sound cynical and I’m not saying that this isn’t true, it’s just there are a lot of different stories to blend together on this little tonic’s triumphant rise to stardom and I tend to prefer facts myself… but I’m not here to dismiss it and if it works…great!


”HOW IT WORKS” and “IF IT WORKS” are the point here, and…even more to the point…is it healthy for you? Remember, I would only want to promote something on this web site that is used in conjunction with a healthy diet or meal plan and I’m not into fad stuff!

Again there are a few bits of varied information on this subject and I’m sure you’ll be glad to here they seem to be very positive in the main with claims of aiding weight reduction, improving the symptoms of such problems as diabetes, acne, cholesterol, sinus infection, heartburn, arthritis, hair loss and even relaxing constipation… and others to boot. Naturally occurring antibiotics and antiseptics fight germs and it’s natural enzymes make it beneficial for joint health, helping with arthritis and osteoporosis.

Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss

This is probably the reason you are reading this blog article and I’m not about to tell you that this is exactly what you have been looking for. NO! What I am going to do is do a little more research and bring you the best information on this in stages.

That’s not a cop out…it’s a reasonable approach to take as I have your health concerns at heart, but what I will do is tell you some of the information I have already gleaned and tell you firstly, to take all this with a pinch of salt (not literally of course ha! ha!) as such things hit a frenzied high and then disappear, and secondly, I can’t guarantee any of this is scientifically correct.

There is no scientific evidence to show that the apple cider vinegar weight loss diet can help you lose pounds. Clinical trials and studies are not required for natural products, unlike weight loss drugs, and supplement companies can freely make exaggerated claims touting its magical fat burning and weight loss properties.

How Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Loss Works

This again has a lot of mixed information and I will pass you more as the this blog category develops. In principle though, the idea is to take a table spoon or two of the vinegar before each meal (apparently organic is best). Many people will suggest you diffuse the disagreeable taste by diluting it in a glass of water and will wax lyrical about the health benefits which again I do not wish to vouch for.

You don’t seem to need to do any more than that really and I must admit it seems a little too good to be true. As I have said I’m not here to dismiss, just inform, and if you wish to give it a crack be my guest. As far as I can find there doesn’t appear to be any bad or adverse side affects from this approach to weight loss but once again I will refer to my previous notes and suggest I do not have the scientific proof to prove otherwise.