Infrared Heaters

Infrared heaters are a recently invented type of heaters which make use of electromagnetic radiation to provide heating. Scientists classify infrared heaters according to the wavelength of the radiation they emit. The infrared heaters used for industrial purposes sometimes contain a sort of gold coating which reflects the radiation and directs it on the material that needs to be heated. The widely known infrared heaters are called heat lamps. These lamps are used in bathrooms to provide heating for the person taking a shower or a bath. They are also used in kitchens of fast food restaurants to keep the cooked meals warm so that they are ready to be served as soon as a customer shows up. It is very common that a heat lamp contains a red filter to decrease the amount of visible light. Another very common use of heat lamps is in poultry. The heat lamps used for this purpose are called brooding lamps. Infrared lamps have a very high efficiency considering the energy they use in proportion with the amount of heating they could provide. The reason for this is that it converts almost all of the electrical energy it consumes into heating. Very few energy is lost because of conduction.

Light has different wavelengths. Based on the wavelengths we distinguish light into three – infrared, visible light, ultra violet. Infrared heaters use the infrared rays which are invisible to the human eyes. Infrared heater doesn’t require any contact between the emitting device and the device which is being heated. Heat emitted by the infrared heaters is absorbed by the objects which gradually raises the temperature and heat up. Some infrared heaters pump heat directly in to the object. Others pump heat through heat exchanger. Infrared heaters use electricity, natural gas to create infrared rays. Heating power of infrared heaters differ by the heating source. Different types of infrared heaters include Quartz tubes, Quartz lamps, Metal sheathed tubular heaters, Gar fired catalytic, Flat faced panels, Ceramic emitters. Infrared heaters are usually used in warehouses and garages withstand the loss of heat. These are used in large factories where chances are high for cooling. Infrared heaters are used in veterinary clinics to provide artificial warmth to animals. It can be used for the centralized heating of house and also it will not make air dry. It is an energy efficient heating source. Infrared heaters require only minimum maintenance. Infrared heaters are more efficient in heating objects directly.

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