Hanging A Tapestry From Your Bunk Bed

If you have two or more kids, have a bunk bed might mean that they have a place to store their toys, listen to stories and have a safe space. It can help keep the room clean, but it can also look a little less than amazing. This can be fixed by covering up the bottom bunk with tapestry which something that adds beauty to the room.

These thick coverings will make sure that anything unsightly doesn’t appear obvious when people come into the room. They come in a large variety of colors and sizes, so you can match them to your needs and make sure that they match the room as well.

As an added bonus, most kids will love having a tapestry of their own. It can transform even the most boring of beds into a great fort. Putting a stick out and pulling the tapestry into the shape of a tent can make it seem like they are camping, and it makes the perfect back drop for a play or a fashion show. This makes them a great addition to the room of any happy child with a passion for play.

On the market today there are many different types of coverings available. With different themes, different styles, and even different ways of hanging. Each of these options is valid and will give a flair to the room that can help children feel like they had a say and are in control.

One of the most common themes is that of children’s books or fairy tales. If your child has a favorite story, there is a good chance that you can find a tapestry that has been woven with a design from the book. They can look at it and feel like they have created their own little nook or are inside of the book that they love so well. This works with many movies as well, allowing rooms to be themed around the latest release.

Another common theme is animals and nature. For children with a gentle soul, these can help create a very calming space that fits their needs perfectly. Many even look like common pets so you could mimic the appearance of the family pet and leave a piece with the child even when the pet is busy doing other things.

Most tapestries will come with some form of fringe on the ends. This has to do with the weaving process. However, if this is a problem, there are some that have this covered up or bunched together. In my experience, kids love the fringe and will generally play with it and touch it if they are allowed to do so.

Overall, using a tapestry on a bunk bed can give privacy, define a space, help keep your sanity, and make a room look a little better as well. Planning this project with your child can give you a great bonding experience and help the room grow with them as well.

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