12 Healthy Low Carb Foods That Won’t Make You Fat!

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Carbohydrates are the energy giving foods that are essential when a balanced diet is the subject of discussion.

More and more people are going the extra mile these days to watch their weight and each one of us is trying to get rid of the extra belly fat or much better, avoid it all together.

Carbohydrates have been said to be the masterminds behind all the obesity and overweight problems facing most of the teenagers and middles aged persons in the world.

It is important to explore all the options available before making the final verdict and jumping into conclusions about the risks associated with these well-meaning foods.

There are many tasty healthy and low carb foods available in the market today.

There are fruits, vegetables and meats that contain very low amounts of carbs and are healthy alternatives.

Here are 12 low carb foods that you might find irresistible and the same time have no fear of adding some extra pounds.

1. Oats

They have known to be the classic carbs that are perfect for breakfast.

Roasted oats that are natural and not refined are a good source of high fiber and they are also low in calories.

You can be sure that the filling effect of oats can go a long way in helping you stay slim or lose weight.

Oats are easy to get and they are also very tasty.

A good and healthy carbohydrate that you can add your daily diet.

2. Full fat Dairy

Dairy products have been branded among the biggest culprits when it comes to increasing body fat.

Take Cheese, for example, it is one of the few that fall into the category of fatty dairy products.

On the contrary, cheese is a good source of vitamins like calcium which is most lacking in an average American diet.

Unsweetened dairy products are really good sources of carbs that will not add an extra inch to your waistline.

3. Lentils

Similar to beans, lentils are full fiber proteins that contain some amounts of carbohydrates.

They are slowly digested and you can be sure that you will stay full for a bigger part of the day.

They are proteins with small amounts of carbohydrates and a good alternative for low carb diets.

4. Potatoes

It is surprisingly true that potatoes are one of the good carbohydrates.

They are undoubtedly tasty and a good source of iron and vitamins.

When taken in moderate amounts, potatoes are surely good in ensuring you stay in check and they are a great alternative to other carbohydrates.

5. Salmon

Many dieters are usually afraid of taking any amount of salmon.

It is true that it is a fatty fish, but it is important to note that it contains no carbohydrates at all.

On the other hand, it is a great source of omega 3, iodine, and some vitamins.

With this in mind, do not deny yourself the delight of indulging in some salmon with the apprehension of getting fat.

6. Dark chocolate

Some chocolate is good for those occasional cheat days.

Quality dark chocolate contains a significant percentage of carbohydrates and it has been shown to increase brain function and reduce blood pressure.

There is no harm in taking some chocolate. However, it is important to do it in moderation.

7. Almonds

These tasty and crunchy nuts are a good source of magnesium and iron.

Almonds are a great source of carbohydrate when you need to lose some extra pounds.

They give an effect of fullness and this can go a long way in helping you control what you eat.

It is a tasty nut and it won’t make you fat yet it still remains a carbohydrate.

8. Avocado

Avocados are some of the most special fruits known to man.

It is hard to ignore the very significant value of avocados as a source of healthy fat, potassium, and vitamins.

Compared to other fruits, avocados have a fairly high amount of carbs but are still amongst the healthiest fruits available in the markets.

Adding a little avocado to your fruit salad can be a good way to supplement your carbohydrate needs and at the same time, enjoy the great benefits of this fruit.

9. Mushrooms

Mushrooms are neither vegetables nor real carbs, they are something in between.

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However when it comes to tasty low-fat carbohydrates they cannot be struck off this list.

Their high vitamin B content makes them more attractive and this is only emphasized by the need to have mushrooms as your healthy carb foods.

Mushrooms contain very small amounts of carbohydrates and can be substituted in your meals to suit your dieting needs.

10. Olives

These high-fat fruits have gained popularity as a source of cholesterol-free oils.

This should prompt you to question the overall nutritional value of these wonderful fruits.

Olives are a great alternative to most of the carbs around.

They are a source of the good, HDL cholesterol and you can eat away without worrying about getting fat.

11. Peanuts

Nuts are another source of carbohydrates that are gaining popularity.

Many people are walking along the streets with a packet or two in their pockets to simply munch away on these healthy and safe sources of carbs.

Peanuts have just about 16% carbs but as an advantage they are also a good source of vitamins and minerals.

The high fiber content goes a long way in ensuring you are full most of the time, therefore, leaving you no more space to nibble on other unhealthy fattening snacks.

12. Shellfish

Just like salmon, there are certain perceptions about shellfish that is common among dieters.

Many associate them with high-fat content.

With just about 5% carbs, you can be sure that there is very little damage, if any, that taking shellfish can do.

They have amazing nutritional value and it is only fair to give credit where it is due.

Even if you are on a diet, little moderate amounts of shellfish can do you good and at the same time still ensure you are in shape.

We must all appreciate the importance of carbohydrates in our diet, you cannot do without carbs.

It only takes a little effort to get the right knowledge in order to appreciate the fact that there are available carbs that are palatable and at the same time supportive of your need to stay in shape.